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Indigenous herbs are used as remedies against various diseases in the traditional system of medicine or in ethnomedical practices. For the past few decades, compounds from natural sources have been gaining importance because of the vast chemical diversity they offer. This has led to a phenomenal increase in the demand for herbal medicine in the last 2 decades. They are relatively safe, easily available, and affordable to the masses. These drugs have given an important lead in drug research, resulting in the discovery of novel molecules.

Dry fruit of leguminous plant Psoralea corylifolia Linn. (syn: Cullen corylifolium Linn.) is one of the most popular Traditional Chinese Medicine and officially listed in Chinese Pharmacopoeia. P. corylifolia is an annual herb growing throughout the plains of India. The plant is of immense biological importance, and it has been widely exploited for ages for its magical effect against several skin diseases, such as psoriasis, leukoderma, and leprosy.

Keywords: Babchi, leukoderma, Psoralea corylifolia, psoriasis, psoralen,

German: Bawchan, German: Bawchan

Bangladesh: Buckidana

Arabic: Loelab el abid, Mahalep

Srilanka: Ravoli

Chinese: Ku Tzu, Pu Ku Chih, Bu Ku Zhi, Cot Chu

Eng: Babchi seeds, Psoralea seeds, Malay tea, Scurf-pea, Fountain bush, West Indian Satinwood


It is a small, erect, annual herb growing up to 60–120 cm in height throughout sandy, loamy plains of Central and East India.

Seeds are brownish-black in color, oblong, and flattened. Das described the seeds as kidney-shaped, 2–4 mm long, 2–3 mm broad, and 1–1.5 mm thick, hard, smooth, exalbuminous with straw-colored testa, with an agreeable aromatic odor and a pungent-bitter taste. They have grooved and gland-dotted stems. Leaves are simple, broadly elliptic, rounded, and mucronate at apex, clothed with white hairs on both surfaces, covered with numerous black dots, 5 main nerves springing from the base. Flowers are dense, corolla yellow or bluish-purple, axillary, 10–30 flowered racemes. Flowering time is from August to December. The fruit is small, 5 mm long, subglobular, slightly compressed, pitted black, beaked without hairs, indehiscent, one-seeded pod, which is adhering to the pericarp.

Psoralea corylifolia(babchi seed Bold ) (machine cleaned)
Purity 99% (Min)
Moisture 12% (Max)
Black Seed Nil
Foreign Matter 1% (Max)
Origin Indian
Packing In strong PP bags 50 kg packing net/gross
1fcl/20ft 28mt/1fcl
Used For medicinal purpose


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